Day: December 6, 2021

Rus Captured Boys – Judoist Vitaly In Slavery Final Part

The first day of torture for our new slave Vitaly ended by suspension, hard whipping and standing in arm-twisted position. Subsequent days Vitaly will spend in our dungeon sitting on the concrete floor stripped down to his underwear. It will be a good lesson for him and teach him to obey their masters in meeting their perverted desires.

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Rus Captured Boys – Judoist Vitaly In Slavery Pt1

Judoist Vitaly was caught just in time of training in judo and taken to our torture chamber. You might have seen him in our previous sets. Now Vitaly got into slavery and the tortures is his daily routine. Whipping, bastinado and suspension but he can endure much more!

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Hard Kinks – Bullfight Edition Vol 3 (Macanao Torres, Sergio Mutty, Henrique Bastos, Jimmy T.J.)

3 years ago we’ve released our first movie, so we’re going to celebrate leaving three slaves in a dungeon for the amusement of Master Macanao Torres. Starring: Macanao Torres, Sergio Mutty, Henrique Bastos and Jimmy T.J.

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