Day: May 7, 2022

Straight Men In Trouble – Iron Worker Attacked Part 4

Not satisfied with emasculating the poor young man, the masked pervert is now physically assaulting him. Using leather and metal paddles, a whip, and a vicious riding crop, he delivers a painful and humiliating spanking. The young worker struggles to maintain his composure, trying not to look like a bitch, but the pain is unbearable. Soon he’s hyperventilating, struggling in his restraints as he whimpers, wheezes, yelps, howls and cries out in pain thru his gag.

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Straight Men In Trouble – Iron Worker Attacked Part 3

As humiliating as it was for the young man being made to shoot his load, it was nothing compared to his mortification when he realized that the man intended to fuck him. Tied face down to a sawhorse, his asshole exposed and vulnerable, he shuddered when the man started to fuck him with his finger. Using his thick fingers and two large dildos, the masked man takes the poor construction workers manhood as he struggles, grunts and moans, writhing in shame and agony, The young man had never felt so degraded or emasculated in his young life.

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