Day: May 12, 2022

Dream Boy Bondage – Police State Torture Chapter 7

Levy Foxx, exhausted and broken from hours on the cross, continues to inhale Alex Johnson’s huge cock deep into his throat. “I’m going to eat your ass, boy,” Alex says, spanking Levy’s cheeks and fingering his hole. “Oh, yes, please,” Levy says, hoping to trade sex for mercy. Alex tongues the boy’s anus then fucks him like a cheap whore on all fours. After 30 minutes of fucking Levy’s tight hole like a jack hammer, Alex pulls out and cums. Still rock hard, he pummels the moaning, gasping boy for another half hour and cums again — then goes right back to fucking him! Finally, he pulls out, spanks the boy’s wounded asshole then shoves his erect cock down Levy’s throat until the boy sucks it clean.

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Dream Boy Bondage – Police State Torture Chapter 3

Professional sadist Alex Johnson has Levy Foxx down on his knees, still bound to the winch that kept him up on his toes while being whipped and left hanging by his wrists for hours. Despite his exhaustion, Levy sucks his tormentor’s engorged cock like a cheap whore, swallowing it deep into his throat, until Alex pulls out and cums all over his face. Then Levy is lifted up again but now, instead of the bullwhip, Alex uses a riding crop, targeting the boy’s nipples, ass, stomach and thighs. “Please…please…” Levy begs, with a look of fear and innocence on his boyish face that drives Alex wild with desire. His smooth, muscular body flexes seductively as he nearly passes out from pain and exhaustion.

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Dream Boy Bondage – Police State Torture Chapter 1

Professional sadist Alex Johnson gets an early Christmas present: a beautiful, muscular boy is delivered to his dungeon by the police, with an order from a judge that he is to be severely whipped, crucified and broken on the rack. As payment, Alex may also sexually abuse him “at will.” We don’t know what crimes this boy has committed. He may have simply refused the sexual advances of a powerful man. All we know is his name is Levy Foxx and that we must film everything we do to him and send the video to the official who issued the order, whom, we assume, will sell it. Poor Levy has no idea where he is or why he is being stripped, winched onto his tiptoes and brutally whipped. He begs for mercy but his ordeal has just begun.

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