Breeder Fuckers – Aaron Session 3

Thieving straight cunt Aaron is sick with tension as he’s tied with his arse pointed up in the air. All that separates his virgin bum from the perverts that have tied him up is the thin fabric of his near transparent white pants. Aaron’s pants are ripped apart leaving his cock and balls hanging out in the open and his sexy straight arse crack spread wide open! Adrian binds his dick and nuts with chopsticks putting wicked pressure on the most sensitive bits of his body. He punishes Aaron’s tender dick and anus delivering sharp electro shocks which makes him scream under his gag. As his cock and balls are given more shocks Aaron is desperate to do anything to stop the aggression against his genitals. An enormous dildo is shoved up his fuck hole and the bastard is mechanically fucked while Dave viciously canes his arse.

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