Breeder Fuckers – Aaron Session 8

Hetero cunt Aaron might think that now we’ve ruthlessly punished his arse, we’re done with him. Not by a long shot! We don’t want to just ejaculate into his arsehole and whip his arse cheeks raw. We want him grovelling for our cocks for the rest of his life. He’s presented with a hard dick and showed exactly how to service that rod and work his tongue around a cockhead. While his eyes are screwed shut as he chows down, Dave punishes his arse and cock, restraining his dick and ramming his way into his sore sphincter. His hole is pounded and filled relentlessly. Aaron is ordered to never stop giving head and if he does there will be consequences! As soon as he can’t take any more his hole is filled with a real man’s meat. His burning sore bum is punished with a painful cane while Adrian simultaneously fucks him.

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