Breeder Fuckers – Craig Session 3

Craig’s face is shoved in Dave’s stinking crotch so he can rub the boy’s proud features with his cock and balls. He must wriggle out of his pants which is painfully difficult with his arms tied behind his back. Dave encourages him along lashing him for his reluctance and slovenliness. The sorry fucker moans pathetically as Dave rams his fingers up his arse using the boy’s body however he wishes. He goes even deeper sliding a vibrator up inside him hitting Craig’s g-spot while Dave strokes his cock. Now this straight boy will forever associate having his cock stroked with his arse being insistently rammed. Craig’s legs and cock are bound making him almost entirely immobile and helpless to stop whatever Dave wishes to do to him. Craig’s package are roped to a heavy weight causing him the most intense, excruciating pain while Dave continues to invade his sore arsehole.

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