Breeder Fuckers – Jamie Session 4

Jamie is strapped to the massage bench for a massage but Adrian has other ideas. He gropes Jamie’s stunning body and then rips his pants off. Adrian wheels in a tray with various instruments on it. He takes a riding crop and strikes Jamie’s buttocks. He takes a paddle and begins paddling Jamie’s hairy muscular arse. Jamie is told the paddling will stop so long as he sucks cock good. Dave comes in and tests this out by shoving his length down Jamie’s reluctant throat. Any poor work invites a nasty paddling and guess what? He gets a bright red burning arse. Torment like this is a good training method and Jamie learns it is better to be an eager cock-sucker. Adrian is so turned on he takes his trousers down, takes out his hard cock and fucks Jamie anally. Then Dave is offered a go. He gets down and sticks his erect dick right up the startled Jamie who endures a second anal rogering.

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