Breeder Fuckers – Jamie Session 5

Jamie is tickled to cause him absolute agony. It’s lucky these ropes are strong because Jamie shows real strength kicking and writhing with all his might. When his legs both rise up in the air his hot furry anus is exposed. His mouth is mercilessly invaded by the men’s probing wet tongues. At the same time his cock gets swallowed down so he feels overwhelmed by the men’s desire for him. His entire body is covered with oil to show his fit body to the best effect. Jamie isn’t being quite gay enough so he’s introduced to the most intimate pungent part of the male anatomy. Dave presents his bare arse in Jamie’s face and releases a gaseous explosion so the man is in no doubt about where he’s about to put his tongue. With the threat of a sharp caning to the sensitive soles of his feet Jamie must lick and use his tongue to penetrate the filthy man hole.

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