Breeder Fuckers – Ross Session 5

Straight boy Ross has been humbled. He needs to be in bondage having his fuckhole worked over every minute of the day. It’s pleasing to see him submissively look down with his stupid floppy hair falling in front of his eyes while he’s gagged and taken in control by Adrian who ties him up. Ross is bent over his knee to be given his bad boy spanking. He’s terrified at any minute his punishment might escalate if he doesn’t absolutely obey. His dick is greedily tugged and his arse cheeks are parted so his arsehole is aggressively fingered to widen his sphincter. Adrian shoves a vibrator up him, but his tight arse continuously pushes it out. While he’s sprawled naked on the block he’s kicked back against the wall so the vibrator can be secured up his arse so he will be fucked continuously.

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