Category: Amateur Spanking Boys

Spanking Boys Video – Libor And Lukas Otk

Libor and Lukas (aged 18) are both in trouble and receive a severe Otk spanking, side by side across the master’s knee. For Libor who is an amateur boxer this is his first time. Their cocks and balls are also beaten as part of the punishment.

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Amateur Spanking Boys – Lukas Liz Mid-Air

Lukas is flogged, with the strap repeatedly and severely and must receive his punishment while positioning himself mid-air with his ass rightly positioned as it should be. This is followed up by a vigorous hand spanking.

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Amateur Spanking Boys – Punishment Of A Punk

A young punk is brutally disciplined to help him learn obedience and respect. He is beaten by hand and by wooden paddle until he is finally respectful enough to thank the master, after which he is allowed some cream to sooth his stinging backside.

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