Category: Brutal Tops

Brutal Tops – Dental Gag Cocktail

It’s cocktail hour at the public toilet and Master Dave decides that ginger’s mouth will make the perfect cocktail shaker. With a mouth spreader cruelly holding the bottom’s jaw wide apart the naked spittoon must kneel on the ground, head back, to accept whatever fluids the tops decide to deposit in his gullet.

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Brutal Tops – Master Derek – Suck My Dick Before I Fuck Your Arsehole!

Master Derek strips off clothes and makes the sub nuzzle his nose into his stinking, underpants. The thin cotton shows the Master’s rapidly enlarging dick. The sadistic top the sub about the filthy state of his cock and the sub has to pull it free and then suck it clean. When the sub accidentally touches the Master’s dick with his teeth the mean Master lets loose with a harsh kick to the sub’s already damaged, welt-covered arse.

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Brutal Tops – Brutal Strangling Fucking & Seeding

What a good little cock sucker this sub is. Shamus’ penis is soon standing thick and proud from all the attention ben’s mouth and tongue have been giving it, the girth proving no trouble for the slutty sub as his mouth stretches around the end to fit it in his mouth, licking up and down the Top’s shaft and giving it his full attention, worshipping every inch of it.

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