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Helpless Boys – Hiker Bound (Garter Michaels)

Brent offers Garter Michaels a choice – sexually submit or walk home. In a flash, poor naive Garter is bound with rope and has thick Latin cock stuffed in his mouth. Brent pounds his new boy toys tight ass savagely and then coats him with a gooey facial cumshot.

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Sexy Nick Sucked And Stroked

Rich has handsome and sexy Nick tied spread eagle to a bed and sucks and strokes his cock until his balls are tight in their sack and his cock is standing rigid, tall and proud. He slowly stroked and sucked, gently working the head of his cock, inching him towards the edge, continuously building tension.

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David Dildoed And Sucked Dry

Slow Teasing Handjob – With his leg tied in the air and his cock, balls and asshole on display Rich fucks him with his finger, a tiny dildo, and a much larger one. Poor straight David can only lay helplessly, grunting and moaning, grimacing and twisting in pain and shame as Rich invades his tight hole, making it his own.

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