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Straight Men In Trouble – Behind Enemies Lines Part 5

Tied face down on the cold metal table, the young flyer waits for the evil doctor to return. When he does, he brings a painful looking leather paddle with him and begins an assault on the young man’s firm, muscular ass. He whacks him hard, fast and repetitively until the pilot is moaning in pain, unable to defend himself, a true humiliation to this well trained fighting man charged with defending his country. When the doctor returns with a riding crop the flyer learns what real pain is about. The vicious crop stings as it bites into his ass with every blow and the proud young flyer starts to sob.

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Rus Captured Boys – 2012-2016 Videos Part 1

We are happy to share with you a brand-new and unique view at Russian young sporty guys – college students, military cadets, etc. All of them are presented as they should be in bondage, under interrogation, sometimes really tough. Genres: Amateur, Russian, Twink, Muscle, Jocks, Military, BDSM, Bondage, Discipline, Spanking, Waxing, Electric Play.

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Straight Men In Trouble – Stripped, Licked And Jerked Part 1

Young, smart and handsome, the muscular stud was the unsuspecting object of the crazed stalker who now has him bound, gagged and struggling to free himself. The man goes about the task of rip stripping the stud, slowly revealing a finely developed body, a long fat cock, and low hanging balls, a work of art, so sexy in his naked, helpless vulnerability.

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