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Dream Boy Bondage – Your Ass Is Mine Pt 2-7 (Liam Cyber, Jared)

Young stud Liam Cyber is brutally fucked by two huge dildos while he is hung upside-down, a human-X of solid muscle. Then Jared whips him and cums on his rippling abs. Bolted in a wrist-and-ankle brace, faced-planted against a torture table, ass up in the air, young muscle-stud Liam Cyber is flogged then fucked by top-man Jared. Jared turns slave boy Liam Cyber into his own BDSM fuck toy, whipping him and shocking him with a cattle prod, then riding his massive, erect cock. Liam then turns the tables on Jared, shocking him instinctive then binding him spread-eagled on the same table to be whipped, zapped with a cattle prod to suck cock and fucked. Jared is dominated and there is nothing he can do but take it!

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