Category: Tickle Abuse

Tickle Abuse – In Charge

Tickle Abuse - In Charge

Toby still has an attitude and doesn’t even care if he is going to get fired, besides, he knows the company is short staffed and he’ll probably get to keep his job anyway. Dustin has had it with his arrogance and knows the perfect way to teach Toby a lesson and to show him once for all who is in charge. This is male tickled in stocks with socks on video.

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Tickle Abuse – High Score

Tickle Abuse - High Score

Toby bets Miles that he can beat him in videogame and that the loser has to do whatever the winner says. Toby doubles his score easily and so he tells Miles that he has to go into his parents’ bedroom and Toby gets him locked into their tickling stocks for punishment. This is guy tickle guy video with merciless feet tickling only.

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Tickle Abuse – Not So Tough

Tickle Abuse - Not So Tough

Dustin was definitely acting like a tough guy when he tickle tortured Toby earlier in a previous video. But now Toby has Dustin’s soles in the stocks, arms up, and it doesn’t take long for Dustin to break. Toby is totally enjoying having the upper hand on tough Dustin and making him crack and beg like a little bitch from merciless tickle torture!

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Tickle Abuse – The Game

Tickle Abuse - The Game

Dustin has been getting a little discouraged that his friend Toby beats him at pretty much any game or sport they play. But Dustin has come up with a new game and bets that Toby can’t last one minute without tapping out. He locks Toby’s feet into set of stocks and start merciless tickle torture of his sexy soles as well as his upper body.

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