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Masonic Boys – Disciplinary Action

Apprentice Young’s fingers trembled as he began to unlace his shoes. Standing in the dark, black basement of the Temple, he tried to be brave as he obeyed Grandmaster Angus’ commands. Austin was still sorting through the implications of his fucking and breeding from Master Oaks, not sure yet if what he was doing was good or bad. It seemed that every step along the way the men in charge would strip him down, fondle him, play with his cock, and fuck him.

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Interracial BDSM Orgy

Fabien Marco is a hunky sport lad, who’s turned on by “AirMax” footwear style shoes. He owns a huge collection of them! Right after a morning glory jerk off, he goes out for a run. While the run, his Mp3 player is stolled by two young guys. Fabien starts to run after them to beat the shit out of them. What a lucky day for the two fieths who love to smell sport shoes. They will deep throat, well endowed Fabien. They gonna get what they deserve! Cast: Fabien Marco, Antoine Cler, Steve Paris, Benjamin Paul, Amir Sha.

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Boy Napped – Mylo’s Ball Busting Fuck

Smooth, young Mylo is in for a severe session of CBT in this video. Tied to a massage table, his balls will never be the same after enduring the rough play that’s inflicted on him in this intense one-on-one! His face looks so damn cute even when it’s contorted in pain and even as the long hard cock of Leo’s slides up into him!

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