Corbin Fisher – Kyler Mastering Mitch 2

What better guy to let Kyler tie up, dominate, and fuck than Mitch?? With that flawless ass of his, and just how much Mitch loves to get railed, Mitch was ideally suited to find himself blindfolded, tied up, and at the mercy of any and everything Kyler wanted to do to him. I’m not gonna lie – there were times during the action here I thought, “Is Kyler being too rough?”. Mitch’s moans, the load he shot, and just how much he confessed to absolutely loving the experience after settled that, though. There was even one point, during a little break in filming, where we asked Mitch if Kyler was using the rope too hard. Mitch’s response? “Hell no! Give it to me harder!”. Mitch found it insanely hot getting completely dominated by the younger, boyish Kyler.

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