Fetish Force – Leather Dogs (Dirk Caber, Kristofer Weston, Jake Morgan)

Kristofer Weston discovers Dirk Caber crating Jake Morgan and isn’t happy about catching Dirk playing with his pup. Kristofer has Dirk strip down and restrains him as he commands his pup to lick Dirk’s bone. The pup does as he’s told and gets to work sucking Dirk’s rock-hard cock. Jake gets Dirk’s rod nice and wet with his pup mouth and takes the stud down his open throat. Jake continues edging Dirk as his master instructed until he can no longer hold off. Kristofer won’t let Dirk release just yet and instructs Dirk to hold back his load. ‘Please, Sir, I need to cum!’ Dirk begs, but Kristofer holds on to his authority.

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