Fetish Force – No Limits 2 (Michael Boston, Devin Franco)

The tables have been turned, and it’s Devin Franco’s turn to get dominated by Michael Boston. Blinded by a leather blindfold, Devin explores Michael’s rock-hard body with his hands and tongue. To assert his dominance, Michael bends Devin over, binds his hands behind him and starts to smack Devin’s smooth ass with a leather crop. When Michael feels he’s ready, he undoes Devin’s blindfold and places his cock deep down Devin’s throat. Michael wants Devin’s other hole, so he spins the leather stud around and drills his raw cock deep into Devin’s eager fuck-hole. First doggy-style then on his back, Devin takes a direct probing to his prostate. With Michael deep inside, Devin lets off a thick load that coats his heaving abs.

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