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Dream Boy Bondage – The Bully (Joshua Thorn) Part 8

It is starting to dawn on Joshua Thorn – not the brightest boy in the world – that he is nothing but a sex object, a body to be used. He is on his knees, completely naked, chained by the neck in our dungeon, his wrists and ankles in shackles. Noah Evans works his cock as he gropes the muscular teen boy’s body – his pecs, abs, ass and cock. Joshua thrashes and frowns, but there is nothing he can do but be an object of lust, naked, helpless and humiliated, as the man who owns him jerks off inches in front of his face. Noah finally cums, ejaculating all over Joshua’s smooth, creamy pecs.

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Dream Boy Bondage – The Bully (Joshua Thorn) Part 6

With his lean body chained against a brick wall, Joshua Thorn is half punching-bag and half sex-toy. One-minute Noah Evans is gut-punching him with the hard-rubber sparring glove on his right-hand. The next he is sucking on Joshua’s hard dick with his mouth or stroking it with his ungloved, left-hand. Joshua bellows after a particularly hard punch to the abs, his rock-hard cock bouncing off his stomach. Standing there completely naked, chained by the throat, his wrists cuffed behind his back, all the teenage boy can do is take it: punch, suck, punch, stroke. When he pushes Noah away with his thigh, he gets punched harder. Noah Evans then leaves the naked bully alone for an hour before roping the base of his cock-and-balls, looping the rope through an eye hook in the ceiling.

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Dream Boy Bondage – The Bully (Joshua Thorn) Part 5

WWhere am I? Then he hears the door slam and can see through the lycra fabric of his hood a new man, shorter and meatier, approach. The man, Noah Evans, removes Joshua’s hood, rips open his shirt and feels up his smooth, muscular body. Who are you? What are you gonna do to me? The teen asks. Noah responds by zapping him repeatedly with a police Taser, then sucks his cock. Soon both boys are rock hard. Then Noah punches Joshua in the gut, over and over, right above his erect cock.

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