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Boy Napped – Reece Waxed & Sucked Off (Adam Watson, Reece Bentley)

Adam Watson is a real pro when it comes to breaking in horny new boys. Although Reece Bentley is straight, he’s experienced a little of what we have to offer at the hands of Lincoln, but Adam is a cock hungry boy with a sadistic side determined to make the straight boy cum hard with his wanking and cock sucking skills! And he does exactly that too! Genres: Blowjob, Edging, Wax Torture, Rope Bondage, Milking, Gay Handjob, British Gays.

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Boy Napped – Mike’s Ball Stretching! (Adam Watson, Mike Stafford)

Adam Watson decides that his boy’s balls don’t hang low enough for him, so he uses the most sadistic method he can think of to stretch them out. With hands and feet chained to the floor Mike Stafford has to endure as Adam hangs several chains from his bruised and sore ball sack. Not satisfied he’s causing his boy enough pain, Adam gets out his flogger and beats Mike to make the chains swing between his restrained legs.

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Boy Napped – Adam And Reece Share Kamyk (Adam Watson, Reece Bentley, Kamyk Walker)

Kamyk Walker is a brave boy, but then again he doesn’t have much choice about it when Adam Watson and Reece Bentley want to use him to shoot some cum from their cocks! These lads really make the most of their bound boy too, fucking his face and his smooth butt, taking turns to slide their shaft into him until they’re both ready to wank out their loads!

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