Tag: Caning

Rus Captured Boys – Bodybuilder Stepan In Slavery Pt1

It’s been a long time since we bought the bodybuilders as the slaves for our Dungeon. And now at the private sale we’ve found a very interesting specimen. His name is Stepan. After preliminary inspection we’ve found out that Stepan has got a very rebellious character.

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Straight Men In Trouble – Muscular Jock In Trouble 3

Now tied face down on a spanking nag, the poor young man is helpless as the masked man returns and begins a punishing and humiliating spanking on his muscular ass. He moans and whimpers thru his gag as the man beat him by hand, paddle and the biting riding crop.

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Amateur Spanking Boys – Lukas Liz Mid-Air

Lukas is flogged, with the strap repeatedly and severely and must receive his punishment while positioning himself mid-air with his ass rightly positioned as it should be. This is followed up by a vigorous hand spanking.

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