Tag: Tickle Torture

Tickled Hard – Warren In Stocks

Warren contorts his muscular young body every which way, but theres no breaking out of this bondage. The tickle torture is even more intense since he cant see whats about to happen to his feet. Franco tickles Warrens smooth feet with his fingers and a nubby soap saver, switching from one to the other and making Warren moan and laugh like a machine gun.

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BoyNapped – Giving The Boy A Kinky Education Part 1

Gorgeous little Axel Rubberax is from Paris, France, but he’s come to the right place for a thorough lesson in kinky play. With some painful spanks of the boy’s cotton-covered arse he assets his dominance, taking the pain to the boy’s feet for some harsh spanks too. Axel can cry out in shock all he likes, Master isn’t anywhere near done yet!

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Seriousmalebondage – Inflatable Bondage Bed

We miss Bouncer Pup, who we haven’t seen in a while. This is a video from a few years ago when Bouncer was secured to an inflatable mattress by Rank. Once Bouncer was fully restrained by cuffs and rubber strips, Rank attached E-stim pads to the soles of his feet and turned up the juice to make Bouncer giggle and scream. What a creative bondage scene!

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Finds Out He’s Ticklish – Bruno Bernal

When Bruno came in to be tickled he said (as men often do), “I’m really not ticklish!” I always smile when I hear that because often times these guys are the most fun. A handsome, built man who doesn’t think he’s ticklish often turns out to be Very ticklish!

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Hot Ticklish Roommates Tickled Naked For Rent Money

My roommates Marshall and Braden are both hot and ticklish, but they would rather party than pay rent. When my accomplice tricks them into getting tied up side-by-side naked I get the rent money they have been saying they don’t have. I tickle them all over first in their sheer socks and then completely nude.

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My Friends Feet – Jerked And Tickled (Dolan Wolf, Cole Money)

It was great to see Cole Money and Dolan again, of course. Dolan is so open minded that he was ok with Cole and myself tying him to the MFF tickle chair so we could torment him. I absolutely love his hairy ticklish body and Cole does too. He turned out to be very, very ticklish too.

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Detained And Tickle Tormented – Rich And Clint

Clint wakes up tied to a tickle chair in an asylum. He is told that he had a psychotic episode and he had to be detained. Hilarious episode, as a matter of fact, as his size 13’s were tormented beyond belief. Clint is very ticklish and being so big and strong, it’s a good thing he was in a straight jacket for most of this scene!

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Hell Hour – Dungeon Bound

James is going to have a terrific time in Master Aaron’s dungeon where the brutal punishment begins. Tied and naked on the metal stairs, his captor doesn’t doubt to whip him in his most erogenous areas of his body. Then poor James is given a more advanced torture, starting off with some CBT then some humiliation which is given pissing inside his ass and on his chest.

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Serious Male Bondage – Reaching For Weapons

As most hospitals will tell you, it takes more than one orderly to put a straitjacket on a patient. Such is the case in this video as officers Rob and Hawk try to restrain Jimmy USMC. Jimmy is a muscular and buff guy, so this wasn’t an easy task to apply a straitjacket.

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Tickle Abuse – In Charge

Tickle Abuse - In Charge

Toby still has an attitude and doesn’t even care if he is going to get fired, besides, he knows the company is short staffed and he’ll probably get to keep his job anyway. Dustin has had it with his arrogance and knows the perfect way to teach Toby a lesson and to show him once for all who is in charge. This is male tickled in stocks with socks on video.

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Tickle Abuse – High Score

Tickle Abuse - High Score

Toby bets Miles that he can beat him in videogame and that the loser has to do whatever the winner says. Toby doubles his score easily and so he tells Miles that he has to go into his parents’ bedroom and Toby gets him locked into their tickling stocks for punishment. This is guy tickle guy video with merciless feet tickling only.

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Tickle Abuse – Not So Tough

Tickle Abuse - Not So Tough

Dustin was definitely acting like a tough guy when he tickle tortured Toby earlier in a previous video. But now Toby has Dustin’s soles in the stocks, arms up, and it doesn’t take long for Dustin to break. Toby is totally enjoying having the upper hand on tough Dustin and making him crack and beg like a little bitch from merciless tickle torture!

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Tickle Abuse – The Game

Tickle Abuse - The Game

Dustin has been getting a little discouraged that his friend Toby beats him at pretty much any game or sport they play. But Dustin has come up with a new game and bets that Toby can’t last one minute without tapping out. He locks Toby’s feet into set of stocks and start merciless tickle torture of his sexy soles as well as his upper body.

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Raging Stallion – Red Star

Red Star is a well-performed, seven-man orgy that tempts viewers with a full plate of S&M fetishes. Like most Raging Stallion edgy-fare, the kink here can con only satisfy die hard fetish fans, but also entertain the curious novice. Leather harnesses, PA tugging, grunting and groaning, and other devices are swirled into a seventy minute DVD that also includes some very hot oral and anal action. Starring: Will Clark, Lance Gear, Peter Raeg, Eric Michaels, Rusty Samuels, Tony Scalia, Michael Soldier.

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