Tickled Hard – Jason P

Masculine stud Jason may be soft-spoken, but its clear from the first touch that hes insanely ticklish! Franco tickles up and down his thick, muscular body with a wispy feather, then does his armpits and sides with an artists brush. Jason squeals like a girl, rolling side-to-side and flailing as much as the restraints allow. Jason stares in disbelief as Franco pauses from the torture to pull down his jockstrap and jack his cock. Jason thrusts his hips as he shoots his thick load, then convulses with screams as the torture resumes. Franco removes Jasons size 9 1/2 shoes and tickles him like crazy through his rugby socks, first with his fingers, then with a toothbrush, hairbrush, grooming brush and soap saver. At last, Franco peels off Jasons socks and exposes his sexy bare feet, tickle torturing them hard.

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