Young Bastards – Sharing A Raw Bottom Boy (Sly Conan, Cesar Rose, Francis Gerard)

Sly Conan and Cesar Rose are real good friends, and they share everything. That includes the greedy little subs they pick up. The two have little Francis to enjoy, leading him into the play den and getting him into position while their swelling cocks bounce out of their pants. The collared pup knows what’s expected of him and he doesn’t waste a beat, licking and sucking both their rigid erections in his slutty little mouth. The boys dribble and drip with pleasure while they feed their new plaything but he knows he’s just prepping them for his hole. With a little licking of his eager pucker he takes Cesar’s stiff length first, fucked raw from behind and jacking Sly’s dick while the dom boy waits for his turn.

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