Zeus Studios – Painful Endurance

Painful Endurance will find its way into the hottest video collections around the world. Rik Jammer painfully endures his first Raging Stallion/Zeus Studios work-over at the hands of Zeus. Tits, abs, cocks & balls torture, tazer zapping torture never looked so good. Spread-eagle on his back, Jammer’s body bucks and spasms with every zap. Then cockhunk Tom Vacarro, Jeff Allen, and musclebear Austin Masters suck, chew, and manhandle each other with Jeff Allen’s eager asshole finally gobbling up Vacarro’s cock. As if that were not enough, as a special tortuous treat, Zeusboy Robert Black takes a publc flogging outdoors at San Francisco’s Dore Alley Street Fair. Flogged by his Zeus, black is held back by Raging Stallion/Zeus studs Bryce Pierce, Rik Jammer, Michael Soldier, and Scott Samson.

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