This is the story Rick, Randy Davidson, and his experiences with the randy dicks at an Ivy League school.

In this film by Toby Ross, blond and thin Randy Davidson journeys from southern California to an East Coast School and learns preppie initiation rites in his dorm room from fellow undergrads Danie Connors, brunet mop-top Michael Thomas, tall and sharply features Ken Colbert, and super-hung Rick Donovan.

Blindfolded, Randy sucks each of the now-nude youths and must them from dick taste.


1. Randy Davidson, Danie Connors, Michael Thomas, Ken Colber, Rick Donovan

Rick, Randy Davidson, is blindfolded for his dorm initiation. His task: to guess the owners of the hard cocks that are going to probe for his tonsils.

2. Rick Donovan, Ken Colbert

Sydney, Rick Donovan, is a brainy nerd who has a dick to match. Baxter, Ken Colbert, sucks it like a champ and then takes the whole thing up his hole.

3. Danie Connors, Brandon Wilde, Rance Edwards

At a party, Coach Brandon Wilde, gives Jonathan, Danie Connors, special dick treatment by taking it down his throat and through his butt crack. The bartender, Rance Edwards watches and Jonathan sucks Rance too before they all cum.

4. Ken Colbert, Randy Davidson

Baxter and Rick get bored with studying and decide to take an oral exam of each other.

5. Michael Thomas, Randy Davidson

Rick and Angelo, Michael Thomas, lie in their dorm room beds and jerk themselves off to sleep.


Ross camera is never better than while lensing oral action, and he captures every slurp and drop of saliva in wet close-ups as Randy greedily gobbles each distinctive cock in succession, from Danies curved, short boner to Michaels pretty pecker, even to Kens long and thin pole.

Later, in the locker room, nerdy Rick is comforted by sensitive Ken, then given loving oral attention by his warm mouth. Rick beat Kens face with his thick tube of flesh before stuffing it in his clenched cakes for rough drilling that Ross films briefly from overhead.

During a team party, coach Brandon Wilde, a handsome, dark-haired stud, sucks jock Danies hard-on in a back room as barkeeper Rance Edwards, a tall, thin blond, voyeurs. Danie pokes Brandons beefy ass, but Ross is not as is best in filming their anal activity. Brandon gets to suckle Rants straining pole, then all three blow their loads. In a study room, Randy chews on seductive Michaels joystick, munching its length in delight before he dry humps and kisses the pale stud passionately.

Later than night, Randy gets himself off in bed as Michael watches and eggs him on to a higher climax.Good picture, good sound, good-looking youth, and nice, hard cocks suffuse this well-directed earlier effort from director Toby Ross.

Stars: Brandon Wilde, Danie Connors, Ken Colbert, Michael Thomas, Rance Edwards Randy Davidson. Rick Donovan
Director, Toby Ross
Year: 1985

Duration : 01:06:51
Resolution : 640×480
Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 2 000 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 1.0 GB

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