What started out as some innocent kinky fun now has Alex scared out of his mind. Still blindfolded, he stands bound by his wrists with his ankles chained to the ground as Joey – the former victim of his bullying – has him under his complete control. Joey smacks his boy repeatedly with the flogger as Alex begs for it to stop. “Quit fucking hitting me!” Alex yells, as the flogger wraps around his lean body, doubling the pain and leaving deep, red welts. “I’m here to teach you a lesson!” Joey snaps back, whipping the terrified boy again before grabbing a handful of clothespins and pinning them all over Alex’s body, including his nipples and ass. Now he let’s the bully really have it. With a mini-flogger in one hand and leather paddle in the other, Master Joey violently smacks off each clothespin from Alex’s body as the boy whimpers in pain.

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Bound Up Boys - High School Revenge Part 2
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