Jay McDally has endured a lot, being flogged, gagging on cock, coated in hot wax and fucked by both Master Sebastian Kane and hung Reece Bentley too, but his fun is soon to be over with this edging and oral session. So far Reece has been an active dom in the fun, but once he’s helped to strap young Jay to the metal pole he’s soon in position to face him. With his boys face to face, cock to cock and kissing, Master Sebastian gets to work on an intense masturbation experience for the boys, rubbing their helmets together, furiously jacking them both, slapping their solid dicks around and ultimately working Jay’s cock so much that thick cream starts pulsating out of his tip.

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Duration: 24:34
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 4251kbps
Studio: BoyNapped

Boy Napped - Making The New Boy Greedy For Cum Pt 3 (Reece Bentley, Sebastian Kane, Jay McDally)
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