British Boys Fetish Club – OTK For Philip

Philip is late again and needs to be reminded about telling the time. Called in and told to go OTK he gets a spanking that he needs, in fact Philip always needs a spanking for something. When OTK Philip always manages to look a little forlorn, no idea why as he always deserves the spanking he gets. His trackies are in the way and after a few good swats they have to come down. His butt looks good in underwear and all his training really does give him a super muscular profile. When we see his underwear come down he positively bounces out of them in a highly excited state. A bare ass spanking seems to push all the right buttons for Philip and within a short time he is unloading himself as he is spanked.

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Duration: 10:28
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Studio: British Boys Fetish Club

British Boys Fetish Club - OTK For Philip
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