Year: 2006
Country: USA
Genre: Muscles Action Safe Sex
Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes.
Directed by: Rod Barry
Studio: All Worlds Video
Starring: Kevin Brown, Antonio Madiera, Doug Jeffries, Nick Capra, Troy Moore, Jason Tiya, Kyle Lewis, Park Wiley, Sergio Anthony and Mason Wyler.

No plumbing-related double-entendre is left unspoken in this blue-collar fantasy, porn star Rod Barry’s directorial debut, in which the repairmen at All Worlds Plumbing deliver extra-special services to their horny customers. Each scene is introduced by a phone call to Veronica Corvette, who plays the office receptionist (and every other woman in town) with scenery-chewing campiness. The plot is simple, but it also conveys a hint of danger, with the final scene a descent into a sinister basement (aren’t they all?). Plus there’s a spooky clown laugh coming from the drain (Shades of Stephen King’s “It!”).
In the opener, adorable blond Kevin Brown puts it to his pool guy, Antonio Madeira, in action that is sweaty and intense. Kevin drags Antonio into the deep end (of the pool), and after they grapple underwater, Kevin bends Antonio over and slam-fucks him, with most of the penetration shot from underneath the action, which provides a great view of Antonio’s uncut cock as it sways back and for the with each hard thrust. The dudes have moved to a pool chair to fuck in the missionary position just before they deliver pop-shots, which are fantastic: Antonio blows a load while Kevin is still fucking him, and he tastes his own load just prior to Kevin blasting big, creamy spurts all the way up Antonio’s smooth abs and chest.
Doug Jeffries makes a welcome appearance in the following scene, a three-way that also features hunk of burning love Jason Tiya and Latino hottie Sergio Anthony. Doug isn’t playing, he knows right off the bat that the service call is bogus and that Sergio’s toilet isn’t broken. To make him pay, he later shoves Sergio’s face into the bowl for several dunkings that are sure to bring up bad memories for former high school nerds. While Doug is punishing Sergio further, by making him suck his thick cock, Jason makes a re-appearance and the action shifts into high gear. A round of excellent three-way blowjobs, with Doug delivering an unbroken string of nasty-talk throughout leads to hot trade-off fucks between the three, with each dude taking his turn on bottom. Doug’s cum-shot is superb, it flies over his torso and lands in a puddle between his defined pecs while Jason is fucking him. Jason then spews his cream on Doug, further wetting down his body. Finally, Sergio spurts all over Doug’s low-hanging balls, and by the time he’s done creaming them, they shine like polished granite.
The next segment has Troy Moore calling in for help with his dishwasher, and when repairman Nick Capra arrives, he notices right away that Troy has filled it with sex toys, and that Troy has ulterior motives. No putting one over on Nick. One of Nick’s great talents is the energy to propel a scene like a dynamo, and here he takes over and works Troy like a sex-starved bottom craves, baring his ass and teasing it with the dildos. Then he drives his cock down Troy’s throat, alternating face-fucking with ball-licking (and there is some head-dunking here, too, so nerds be warned!). Troy’s fat and juicy cock is a plaything to Nick, who gobbles it down like a pro. Even when he’s on his knees, though, Nick is never out of control, barking orders through it all (“Feed it to me!,” He growls), which is hot as hell. When the action turns to ass play, Nick is equally impressive, fingering Troy’s hole and then sticking his digits back in Troy’s mouth to wet them down again for another go. Fucking in the scene is frenzied, with Nick taking Troy’s ass from behind and also in a frontal assault, reaming out Troy’s chute thoroughly. The finale has the two scissor-fucking on the kitchen floor, just before Troy unleashes torrents of cum. Nick follows, loudly delivering a huge, wet load, and he picks up one of the droplets of cream and eats it, his final reward for a job well done.
A comic interlude in which a desperate house slut (again played by Veronica) rejects the service man she’s been sent leads to her demanding a hotter replacement, and she gets one in the form of studly young dude Mason Wyler.
But alas, at least one customer of the All Worlds Plumbing Company is left unsatisfied. Veronica leads Mason to her basement – this is where the story takes a creepy turn – and Mason is faced with a “Silence of the Lambs”-style scene, with night-vision goggle green filters and strobe lights signaling a shift in the action. Luckily, Mason is safe – well, most of him anyway. All that the guys down in the basement (Kyle Lewis and Park Wiley) want to do is suck his cock and play with his ass, which certainly beats the hell out of being turned into drag wear made from human skin. Mason has trouble swallowing Kyle’s dick all the way, so Kyle helpfully stretches the waistband of the jock he’s wearing over Mason’s neck to hold him in place. Meanwhile, Park is hanging around in a sling, waiting his turn. Mason has his face shoved in Park’s crotch while Kyle kneels and rims out Mason’s hairy asscrack, which is excellent, but the best part of the scene is when Mason is atop Park and spreads his legs apart wide so that Kyle can work over both dude’s assholes with a couple of dildos. As Mason arches his back in response to the heavy-duty dildoing his ass is getting, Park sees his chance and dives on Mason’s luscious, erect nipples (something I was thinking about, too). Before the scene reaches a crescendo, both Mason and Kyle fuck Park, which leads to all three studs blasting off, with Kyle’s load the most notable, because it literally spews across Park’s chest and face.
As Veronica says more than once, the motto at All Worlds Plumbing is: “We clean your pipes once and for all.” But who wants that when it’s so much fun having them serviced?

Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: 720×480 (1.50:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~ 1199 kbps avg, 0.12 bit / pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 192.00 kbps avg

File size: 840.1 MB

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