Release Year: 2002
Studio: Rascal Video
Cast: Marco Paris, Nick Capra, Brad Benton, Evan Taylor, Sebastian Cole, Jeremy Jordan, Jon Galt, Matt Summers, Travis Reed, Lucas Young, Julian Pierce
Genres: Anal, Oral, Big Cocks, Bodybuilders, Muscles, Deep Throating, Fingering, Rimming, Masturbation

This little gem, starring an interesting mixture of hairy humpy vets and very fresh newcomers, is a bizarre-o funny-told cautionary tale, prohibition from Chi Chi LaRue via Ed Wood. Patrick Allen, whooping it up as Dr. Nowankalone, Ejaculatory Specialist, chides the viewer of the video against a hidden danger: having to masturbate in the seconds before ejaculation. It gets his share of laughs and hoary puns, but what is also does is expose perhaps the least-exploited sexual moment in porn, and focuses on a very hot few seconds. The scenes leading up to this waited-for moment are all winners here, and the moments of truth, particularly in the final scene, are thankfully worth noting.
The first test subjects in the doctor’s "revolutionary ejaculatory program" are tan shaved-headed Travis Reed and the ravishing Julian Pierce, with that adorable sunburst tattoo on his navel. I couldn’t see where either of these guys had any sexual issues, seeming awfully red- as they went about their oral tasks. There is lots of touching, and a huge tongue on Travis as he deals with Julian’s big cock. He’s a grand tease at first, then ravishes the two-toned thick cock with an exciting amount of spunk. He then eats ass with the same amount of gumption, which is a visual pleasure given the muscular meaty ass Julian possesses. Julian does have a brief blowjob for Travis, but it’s only a lead-up to the fuck, where Travis parks himself on Julian’s cock, letting the top thrust up into him. This is a no-problem fuck, managed easily by the willing bottom and the focused top. Smooth entry makes for something quite watchable, and then we get a massive splash from Travis and a creamy one from Julian. Naturally, the last-minute handjobs are dexterously delivered.
The doctor’s first rule is "don’t masturbate at home." Yeah, that’s almost fair with the next scene, a scorching three-way and the tape’s best loop. I dare you to listen to Nowankalone’s advice here. Evan Taylor, manicured to perfection and looking so gorgeous, sits alone in a room drooling spit on his dick and jacking it off beautifully. Soon enough, the even hairier masculine Jon Galt in and takes up Evan’s dick. He sucks this huge thing heartily but then pretty guy Matt Summers shows up to take over the scene. Showing up both of his co-stars, Matt sucks Evan’s cock down to the nub, taking plenty of time to do the same to Jon. He’s absolutely insatiable when it comes to finding spare inches in the back of his throat. No matter how much Jon tries to muscle in, Matt remains steadily in control, at least until Jon gets to show his mettle during a fine rimjob on Evan. Soon enough, though, the big guys turn on Matt. Their preparation of his ass is an omen on things to come. With tongue and finger, the two of them absolutely tear up Matt’s ass. But, director LaRue teases us. Matt isn’t fucked first, but Jon is! Evan fucks him with the of two trees crashing into each other. Evan remains in absolute serene control when he does get Matt, having to reign himself in from the heat of the moment before, but Matt gets the rest of the scene as a bottom. Jon gets to encourage them, and does so well, but it’s a swift combination of Evan’s tact and Matt’s readiness that make this fuck so damn exciting. Each man gets jacked off to a winning cum-shot, but by far the most bizarre blast of the year will belong to the near-epileptic one from Matt.
Using a blow-up doll, the doctor proves just how bad masturbation can be. Again, try and keep both hands free with delectable Bran Benton starting off the next scene wearing a three-piece suit (looking just as hunky in it as he does out) and jacking off to Live and Raw. With his swooping lightened hair and all-American look, Brad is, as always, his comfortably sexy self. His partner for the scene walks into it after a juicy attentive self-pleasuring, in the form of handsome European-looking Marco Paris. Marco continues the handjob and then moves on to a good workmanlike deep-throat. Marco gets more into it as the suck goes on, adding a lot of sparkle to the generous mouth, getting very into it by the end under the encouragement of Brad. The wildly uncut Marco gets his dick sucked by Brad, puffing out his cheeks and hunkering down to make sure it all goes in. Amidst all the prolific handiwork, so to speak, are two prize-winning dicks, and the camera is very sure to notice them as the heroes of the scene. The shooting is done in large part underneath the action, which is a wise move. The easygoing chemistry sticks through Marco’s zippy rim before Brad sits down on Marco’s cock, grunting up a storm as the silent Marco lets him bob easily. The fuck is fairly short, staying in one position for its brief run, but as I said, the cocks are the thing here. Brad turns around, still inserted, and Marco climaxes him with that naughty hand. Brad then gingerly slides off Marco and allows the top to shoot a grand load, one that covers both players.
After a very clever set-up courtesy of Patrick Allen, we join another three-way, this one with familiar face Jeremy Jordan, dark seething Sebastian Cole, possessor of a cock with a wicked curve, and a phenomenal newcomer named Lucas Young. Now Lucas needs a pause. With sterling penetrating eyes, an easy runway-ready model face and a body with every muscle defined perfectly, Lucas is young enough to straddle all model types and be a viewing pleasure for just about anyone. He is also wisely underused here, making you salivate even more for future appearances, which will hopefully let on more of what he can do. Most of the oral scene belongs to old favorite Jeremy Jordan, who blows up a storm using both dicks, joined by the agreeable Sebastian. Jeremy lavishes the attention and Sebastian has the speed and perkiness. The glamorous white cock on Lucas is a welcome participant of both styles. Lucas also squirms with delight getting two ass-eatings from the other guy, and it’s no surprise that after that, he gets to play top. That was pretty much a no-brainer with Jeremy in the picture. Spurred on by the most professional of bottoms, Lucas proves himself a gorgeous top. Take a look at the shots from underneath revealing massive muscular thighs and a shining butt. Or watch his abs and waist take care of the fuck so well he doesn’t even need hands. The three stand in a line for their cum-shots, naturally touching each other until the final moment.
Dr. Nowankalone warns the viewer cheekily that the fight against masturbation "won’t be easy; the battle will be long and hard." His last two specimens have apparently "learned about self-control" and are apparently better off for it, but more than any others in the video, they seem to have the least self-control. The participants here throw themselves so heavily into the action that their grandiose all-out sexual performances are the biggest asset to the scene. Troy Michaels, dispensing with his pretty-guy look, taking on a shaved head and going for something more masculine, is goaded on by the swarthy Italian natural presence of Nick Capra. Both guys have amazingly huge cocks that cause each other’s eyes to pop out. Hot stuff Troy blows first, letting the cock wet his entire face, surprisingly able to take most of it. Animalistic Troy is particularly good with the requisite hand motions. Nick, dazzled by the second Troy takes to suck himself, goes to town on Troy, spicing up his enticing blowjob (which is very aggressive) with a great rim. He then pokes his cockhead into Troy, hitting all the limits and driving Troy absolutely wild. After some teasing ass-slapping, a slew of fingering, and enough built up moisture to lather up a quarter of guys, Nick finally fucks Troy (so hard initially Troy has to bite the sheets). Troy throws a leg up in the air, and Nick slips right in, as powerfully as promised by his teasing and his earlier oral action. The fuck is so potent that it ends up revealing another side to the usually distant Troy. The fuck may be lavish, but the timing is not. Hoarse from growling, the two whip out their hands and prepare for the finale. Neither has a great blast, but everything leading up to it was more than enough to satisfy.
With crisp dialogue for Patrick, written by porn star Chris Steele, director Chi Chi LaRue actually manages to find something we haven’t really seen too many times and do a grand funny expose of it. We shouldn’t be a surprised from a director who has managed to impress with all-rimming videos, so this celebration of the handjob is just the ticket. Lucas Young makes for a mouthwatering new star, and heads a cast of guys who are obviously interested enough in the different topic here to perform to their utmost. Do you think we can get sequels here?

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:35:57
Video: 352×240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 957.4 MB

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