Year: 1989
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 1:11:59
Directed by: Vincent De Paul
Studio: Man 2 Man / Man to Man, InHand Video, Pleasure Productions

Description: Policeman Tom Steele works the highway patrol and works the guys he comes across. This is supposed to be Matt and Grant’s first appearance. In any event, they came together to the US from their native Britain, and were often paired or at least cast together in the same movies early on.

1. Jack Lofton OgrAt, Tony Davis OrgAb, Tom Steele solo
Jack Lofton fucks Tony Davis in the imagination of Tom Steele.
2. Tom Steele OgrAtRr, Grant King OgrAb, Matt Winsor OgrAbRg
Tom stops two speeding blond guys for a thee-way.
3. Matt Winsor OgrAt, Alan Lambert OgrAb
Two guys make love besides a fire.
4. Tony Davis OgrAb, Tom Steele OrAt, Alan Lambert OgrAb
Tom arrests Tony Davis in his home putting his fleshy night stick up Tony’s ass. Another guy comes in the room and he gets fucked too.
5. Jack Lofton OgrAtRr, Grant King OrgAbRg

File size: 563.1 MB

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