James Oakleigh and David Luca are just your average young lads. How these buddies actually get anywhere near to stuffing these monsters into their guts is a marvel in itself; but the result is two gaping slits and some very satisfied looking faces! If you’re a fan of fisting then you’re in for a veritable treat here, as the hyper-submissive duo of James Oakleigh and David Luca submit themselves to a truly arse-wrenching escapade at the hands of their master AJ Alexander. Indeed, he’s very much far from finished; as he proceeds to unleash the kind of no-holds-barred onslaught that would have most lads crying out!

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My Dirtiest Fantasy - Opened And Abused (AJ Alexander, David Luca, James Oakleigh)
Total size: 3.2 GB in 3 files.


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