Wrestling Male – Viktor Secret Episode 1 (Viktor Rom, Joe Gillis, Michael Roman)

First BDSM Wrestlingmale series featuring mixed fighting & many domination – submission fetishes! Viktor leads a secret organization “Viktorum” through which he will gradually select an army of slaves for his megalomaniacal pleasure… He shares this action with Etienne to facilitate recruitment and achieve his ultimate goal: the creation of a sperm bank from his best slaves… In this first episode, we discover for the first time Viktor Rom, Best Fetish actor 2019 at the Prowler Awards and Bad guy Joe Gillis, as vain as he is nasty… This musclehunk duo is completed by Michael Roman who feels himself overconfident thanks to his popularity & success in his series “Michael&Seth”… But here… Who will be the dom&Top guy, who will be the sub&Tap slave to serve Master Viktor?

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Wrestling Male - Viktor Secret Episode 1
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