Release Year: 2008
Country: Germany, Israel
Studio: Wurstfilm
Cast: Adam Excell, Avi Gilad, Daniel, Ludovic Canot, Morr-Foxx, Nir Tal, Omer Mann, Roman L., Shahar Tom, Shlomit Levy, Yoni Vernom
Director: Roy Raz

Wurstfilm proudly presents the first “unofficial” look at the Israeli Defense – the sucking and fucking military group that prides itself defending its homeland. Watch behind the scenes footage of the IDF Private barking orders at his subordinate warrant officers, commanding mandatory suck sessions, the gang of a hooded army corporal, and see hot Israeli assholes get drilled for the good of the Jewish state. All Special Units are ready at the Northern Command in this cum-dripping exposé.

Based on a true story, this movie is full of hot and hairy Middle Eastern men showing you the bond that few people get to see. There is nothing like the between army buddies. You risk your life for your platoon, you live with them 24-hours a day, eating, sleeping, showering together. So when you need to get off, your army buddies are there to help. These sexy, tan, horny, masculine men treat each other with as much savage lust as they do tenderness with one another. Watch as you get to see these military men man handle one another. With hot raunchy cum filled group scenes, your cock will be proudly giving this movie a full salute.

Set on the army base, these hot Israeli guys are getting the training of their lives. Although they try to pretend to be mature men, their sexy boyish behavior comes out whenever it can to help break up the monotony. While doing basic cleanup, the hot desert sun is almost too much to bear and soon they start a water fight. Their muscular, sweaty bodies glisten with water. Their commander needs to teach them a lesson about discipline. He proves his absolute power by his platoon to strip naked, and it doesn’t take long before their hard cocks get the better of them. They take turns face fucking one of the guys, making him choke on their cocks until they are all ready to shoot their young thick loads all over him. He then busts his nut using their cum as lube.

As part of the initiation into the group, two of the army guys enter the barracks where one of their buddies is resting. They quickly blindfold him, rip off his clothes, exposing his bare ass. After a bit of a struggle, he realizes it’s useless to fight, and decides it’s better for him to submit to his captors. His ass gets a quick tongue massage making it ready for his buddy to his hole. Not to be left out, his friend shoves his thick dick down his throat. They take turns pumping his ass, teasing their dicks until they are ready to explode, shooting their man milk all over his masked face.

Alone and missing their wives, two buddies find a private spot to some sexual tension. They take the time to kiss, lick, and suck each other from top to bottom not missing a single spot. As they take turns sucking on each other’s hard dick, it’s obvious they want to do more than just suck each other off. One of the guys offers his beautifully muscular ass and twitching hole, enticing his friend to taste him. With his ass lubed with spit, his buddy lays him down on his stomach, with his ass in the air, getting ready to fuck the hell out of him. He takes his raw thick meat deep inside his hole, riding him harder and deeper with each thrust. With his buddy’s dick inside him, he strokes his dick shooting a thick load out. But these guys aren’t done, then they get back to some more hot fucking.

As two army studs take a walk on the beach of Mediterranean sea, the beauty of the water is too enticing to not take a quick dip in the water. It’s also a great excuse to strip down to your underwear showing off your hard cock to your buddy. As they rough house in the water, their stiff dicks rub into one another. They decide to take the action back to their apartment where they can’t wait to get naked with each other. As they lick and kiss each other, their hard cocks drip with precum begging to be Knowing that his buddy is ready to get fucked, he slides his dick deep into his ass pumping him until he shoots his load.

It’s a hot day in Israel, the sun is strong, and you and your army buddy are standing guard on top of a building. He keeps looking at you smiling, as if he knows your secret thoughts. He grabs his crotch, giving you the signal it’s ok – he won’t tell. You drop to your knees and devour his hard large cock. Your slim smooth body reminds him of the girls he used to fuck in high school. He turns you around and slides his dick into your hole fucking you over the ledge of the building. You can’t take his large dick… it’s too big, but you know if you stop he’ll never give it to you, so you push yourself. Soon your ass is loving it, taking it long and hard until he shoots his load deep in your ass as you stroke your dick shooting your cum into the air.

Format: avi
Duration: 00:58:11
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1889 kbps
Audio: 128 kbps

File size: 863.8 MB

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