A Night Alone with Al Parker / Le Salon Video / 1986

Studio: Le Salon Video
Cast: Al Parker, Justin Cade, Zeke James, Juan Perriz, J.D. Slater, Daniel Holt
Director: Al Parker, Steve Scott
Year: 1986-1988
Runtime: 71 min
Country: US
Al Parker fans will surely drool appropriately over this It’s hard to say for sure when this title was first (the credits in the film and on the box both lack copyright information), and it’s anyone’s guess as to when all these various bits and pieces were actually shot, but judging by hair styles and the range of Al’s changing physicality, I’d venture to guess this title represents material filmed between the early- and late-’80s.

We open with video-shot footage of Al returning home wearing a snazzy suit, feeding his puppy, then undressing and stroking off his throbbing while he reminisces about his favorite sticky tricks of yesteryear. When Al dreams, he dreams in celluloid – all the flashback footage was shot on glorious film before the advent of video.

Al strokes his man meat while watching some of his own films on video. He eventually snakes a lengthy double-headed dildo up his man-cooch, all while dreaming of… a condomless romp in a hayloft, after which he’s rewarded with a faceful – and mouthful – of pearl jam.

Dreaming of… an outdoorsy lumberjack threesome during which the manly hunks use their boot laces for cock-and-ball straps.

Dreaming of… two magnificent cocks to suckle through what seems to be a glory hole – one a white hooded schlong and the other a -sized piece of dark chocolate meat, both of which Al milks completely dry.

Footage of a four-man suck-and-pump (and that’s “pump” as in Swedish Penis Enlarger) gets Al so hot and bothered he shoves his plump ’nads into his own tight-squeezing hole in order to gush off a creamy climactic load.

Shot on film rather than video, the image quality varies throughout and the production values are rudimentary at best, but fans who’ve been waiting for this pre-condom will still be thrilled.
-Beef Stroganoff



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