Aaron’s Adventures in Ukraine

Genres: anal sex, oral sex, twinks

Aaron’s Adventures in Ukraine 1 is the first video I filmed in Ukraine. After the success I had in Russia last year, I naturally assumed Ukraine would be just as wild. Right? Wrong. I found the Ukrainian people to be more conservative and, to be blunt, less willing to do anything for money. Whereas Russian boys usually used their real names and almost never asked if the video would be available in Russia, Ukrainians were considerably more protective of their privacy. Don’t take this to mean that the video isn’t hot. It took more searching than normal and I filmed less than I otherwise might, but the overall results are well worth watching. When they finally get into bed Ukrainians are just as fun as Russian boys are… if not even more so. They are attractive, sexual, and have a professional attitude when it comes to porn. Like most Eastern Europeans though, they tend to be a little less sure of just what they’re supposed to be doing in a movie (they watch much less porn as Westerners, after all) so they often need someone to help draw a performance out of them. Fortunately doing so is always worthwhile, and Alex and I were most definitely up to the task.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:31:34
Video: 480×368, DivX 5, 951kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 685.7 MB

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