Al Parker’s First Film/ Challenger Brentwood / 1987

Al Parker

Date of Birth 25 June 1952, Natick, Massachusetts, USA
Date of 17 August 1992, San Francisco, California, USA (complications from AIDS)

Birth Name Andrew Robert Okun
Nickname Pony Boy
Height 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
Mini Biography
Born Drew Okum in Natick, Massachusetts, as a teen his parents loaned him their brand new Mustang to attend Woodstock, which they thought was a music festival. While at Woodstock, Drew had several homosexual experiences, the most notable in the back a van – a theme that would be repeated throughout his adult-film career.??After graduating from High School in Natick, he moved to Los Angeles where he landed a job operating the film projector booth at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. He was “discovered” by Rip Colt who changed his name to Al Parker because it sounded like a man’s name. Parker starred in several of Colt’s 8mm shorts.??Parker began a long term, and open, lover with Steve Taylor; together the two established Surge Studios, a gay-adult film production studio.??Following Taylor’s sudden from AIDS, Parker’s interest in the studio faded. Parker himself serio-converted and tested positive – following which he made several “safer” porn movies with other HIV actors.

at knife point when he was fifteen.
Attended the first Woodstock concert and is in the crowd on the movie poster for the documentary film.
In a 1987 interview, sharply criticized the gay adult film industry’s failure to respond to the effect the AIDS crisis was having on its performers. He was one of the first producers to insist that performers use condoms in his movies.
Worked as a butler at the Playboy Mansion and was also a contestant on “The Dating Game” (1965).
Professional name taken from a 1950s magazine illustrator.

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