Andel  In   America

Release Year: 2001
Video language: English

That wascally European pornstar with the boyish face has come to the states to spread his love – er, legs. Andel has been eating well lately, so he’s a little beefier, but he still shoots a juicy load!

Not two minutes into the film, a little duo action between Andel and Benton takes place in a (rather unconvincing) dorm room. Director LaRue’s nasty little flourishes are in full effect from the get-go, with plenty of spitting on cocks and assholes, finger-sucking, dick thwapping (I can just hear LaRue commanding "snap it, snap it!" offscreen), ass eating, and cries of "fuck yeah." A pretty energetic start, I must say.

Explosive cum geysers from both Benton and Andel ensue.

In another dorm room, four randy guys play poker which leads to you-know-what. Hell, let’s call a spade a spade: LaRue has dispensed with involving exposition. A good fifteen minutes of oral sex in various configurations (newcomer Tino Lopez’ foreskin is lovingly fetishized by the camera, by the way) leads to the pairs splitting up for fucking action, although the bottoms kiss, maintaining their loving communal connection. I use "loving" loosely, of course. Finally, three of the guys appoint and anoint one of their clan as a human cum trough, dousing him with loads.

Later that night, Andel is longingly staring out his set – I mean, bedroom window (at a stage light), thinking about some lost love. Sleeping, he imagines a hunky fireman and policeman getting it on in front of a stars-and-stripes-painted set (probably the back of the dorm room set). Armpit eating, cock-gorging, cock-on-face thwapping, asshole scarfing, and of course a fucking and cumming finale. By the time Andel wakes, his lost love has returned!

Andel is called upon to not only speak in his thickly-accented English, but emote. Let’s just say the only Oscar he’ll ever bring home is bologna with a second name, M-e-y-e-r. So the final scene is more of the same, but with a gentler, "romantic" pace/technique, and lots of "suck my fingers, I suck your fingers, fingers in ass, fingers in mouth" play of course.

There’s nothing transcendental here, but it’s an above-average LaRue porn, and you certainly can’t go wrong with it.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:28:14
Video: 640×480, XviD, 975kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 697.8 MB

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