Angry Young Man – Ten Sweaty Guys, One Tiny Room

Studio: Angry Young Man Year: 1999


Taking a cue from the NIS surveillance cameras at the now decommissioned Naval Training Center in San Diego, this tape actually allows you to observe and eavesdrop on a select group of military men sweating it out in the 10-man sauna. In addition to hovering over the urinals and lingering near a few guys who stand naked at the sink to shave, the camera gets stowed underneath a sauna bench, capturing the conversations of guys who don’t think twice about “dissing the bitches”. Not a lot of movement during the hotroom segments – unless you count the continual sagging and drooping of every set of healthy, sweating genitalia. Still, the stories these guys come up with while kicking it in the hotbox are hilarious and oddly erotic..

Genres: military, voyeur, amateur
File: avi

File size: 610.4 MB

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