Breeder Fuckers – Marc Session 2

Adrian teases that fat fucking bulge through his thin white pants before destroying them and leaving his massive dick and balls hanging in the open. Marc rages, calls him a fucking poof and vows revenge but as soon as a ball gag is stuffed in his gob all he can do is moan like a bitch. His genitals are bound up so tightly it’s fucking agony for the bastard. Next those meaty balls are crushed so that the slightest pressure causes him the most gut wrenching agonizing pain. After such an intense session of cock restraint Marc is broken and submissive, but we’re only just begging. His legs are hiked up so we can plunder his arse and he has to watch our faces while we do it! Marc’s arsehole and cock are both under such overwhelming pressure that when a cane is taken to his big hairy arse cheeks he howls like he’s going to fucking explode.

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