Jake Bass: Takes a Shower, Then Sprays a Shower

If you prefer a guy who’s simple, innocent and deferential, Jake Bass is NOT the guy for you. Jake is a complex character with many moods, an irreverent sense of fun and somehow always finds a way to get what he’s after.

An enthusiastic swimmer and diver, Jake’s love of the pool might just be rooted in the around the pool, of speedo clad guys and furtive glances in the shower room. Jake wasn’t too shy to reveal some of his poolside secrets to us. For this reason, we really wanted to show Jake in his skimpy speedo under some cascading water to give you some how some of his pool mates might feel showering next to him.

But there’s something else you might like to know about Jake: he has powerful, explosive cum shots. So how could we show that off to its best advantage? We wanted to show you the potency, the and the shear volume. Watch Jake Bass cum like you’ve never seen anyone cum before.

Genres: solo, masturbation
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