Male Stampede / Bijou Classics / 1977

Studio: Bijou Classics
Cast: Joe Markham, Dean Chasson, Bryen Neves, Ray Todd, Jack, Ken, Tom, Tommy, Dick, Jim Hughes
Director: J. Brian
Genre: Vintage, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1977
Runtime: 72 min
Country: US
A film in the tradition of many Hollywood Westerns, well, sort of. The video opens with two men running and playing in the woods. They soon fall to the ground and make out, sucking dick and 69ing. Fucking leads to orgasms on the face. Next, a trio — including one who is uncut — frolics, with a heavy rimming emphasis, near a waterfall. Sucking and fucking lead to large loads from all three men, until their attentions turn to use of a leather dildo scrap and shoving it up one of the men’s butt.

A cowboy — at what could be the O.K. Corral — struts in his chaps and hat before whipping out his uncut big one for a good five-fingered pounding while staring at a stable boy. A mustached mouth sucks two big dicks through holes in the fence in a three-way that follows. The middle dude gets his asshole and penis swallowed at the same time, too. Eventually the conversation proves too much for Tony, who takes out Brian’s dick and starts sucking it. Soon the rest of the bar joins in for an orgy. where all stages of sex are seen and the couplings offer hot interludes of fucking butt. The focus switches back to the duo and Brian is seen plowing into Tony. The men in the orgy end by jacking off in succession, one after another, all over the place.

Some great blue-grass music accompanies the outdoor sex scenes, and Toby Ross adds his skills as a photographer. The varied settings compensate for the pitiful acting, and there’s enough action to satisfy even the most jaded cowboy.



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