Milo Miles Chapter 3 – Top Shelf With Cain Marko

Release Year: 2024
Genres: bareback porn
Video language: English

Milo considers himself, generally speaking, to be a fairly proficient problem solver. And that trait is especially valuable at the job site. But every so often, Milo finds himself in a bit of a pickle.
You see, Milo is kind of on the petite side by nature, and some careless coworker placed a vital piece of technology that Milo needed on the very top shelf of the supply cabinet out of his reach. And, of course, Milo was the only one in the office that day. Or, at least, that’s what he initially thought… until he remembered that office handyman—Mr. Marko—was also on site! Milo paged him to the supply room.
When Mr. Marko arrived, he took one look at Milo’s face and knew something was up—probably too high up—and after the adorable Latin boy confessed his dilemma, the sweet, helpful giant got the tech device down for him with little effort. Milo beamed brightly. As smooth-bodied twink looked up at the gentle, furry behemoth, he realized rather quickly that he was overcome with lust—and the desperate desire to kiss Mr. Marko. This was something that he’d fantasized about for quite some time (and virtually every time he saw Mr. Marko) but now he knew that he must act on it.
Was Mr. Marko surprised, or put off by this sudden turn of events? Hell no. Truth is, Mr. Marko was most definitely attracted to Latin cuties. He’d for sure noticed the hot-bodied boy around the office. So, what did the hunky handyman do, then? He pulled Milo close to him, leaned way down, and kissed the bright-eyed twink.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:32
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3212kbps
Audio: 126kbps

File size: 473.5 MB

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