Room Service Plus / Rollo Productions / 1984

Studio: Rollo Productions
Cast: Chris Burns, Daniel Holt, Zack, Brian Diaz, Gabriel Garcia, David Les, Tico Patterson, Paul Howell
Director: Vex Werner
Genre: Vintage, College/Frat Guys/Students, Ethnic, Hairy Guys, No Condom, Twinks
Year: 1984
Runtime: 90 min
Country: US
Description: Lead by Chris Bruns and his cocky young associates, the bellhops in the “Ram-yor-rad-A” motel are more than willing to please, so the “special services” they render won’t be found in any travel guide!

Follow the X-rated exploits of these anxious studs as they give Room Service Plus to a wide assortment of horny male guests – not to mention each other. These include a super-hot bridegroom, who has an extra-special “tip” for the grateful bellhop.



File size: 740.8 MB

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