The  – An Epilogue – Jake Steel & Dale Cooper

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Many of you have been asking — what happened to Jake and Dillon in The : Part I? Or what did Dale Cooper see at the end of Part II? Did Klaus Heist actually have "a " and what was he smiling about at the end of Part III? While I am happy to lest something remain a mystery or open to interpretation, I did want to connect a few dots and tie up a few loose ends (as an excuse for getting Dale Copper and Jake Steel in bed together)! I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Jake Steel and Dale Cooper were two actors in The who just seemed right for each other. Even though they never shared a scene together, you probably found yourself looking back at the movie and wondering — why didn’t those two fuck?!

Well, we were thinking the same thing! Jake and Dale had great chemistry together behind the scenes so we thought we’d do a hot scene with them and tie up some loose ends in the trilogy to boot. Jake Jaxson once again tackled a new perspective in the horror genre to mix with hardcore sex — the world of ghost hunting reality TV shows — and the vice is perfectly suited to illustrate what came of that mysterious house in the woods.

We hope some holes in the plot were filled for you, but in case they weren’t, perhaps Dale’s tight hole getting filled up with Jake’s thick cock will compensate. As victims of all the paranormal goings on in the house, the two were able to share a unique sexual bond in the same way the ill-fated yet forever-in-love boys did before them.

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