The Art Of Touch 1, An Erotic Massage 1992

Year: 1992 Country: United States Length: 00:42:27
Directed by: Craig Cooper
Starring: Andy Ferrero, Danniel Torres, David Van Chaney, Dino Scardina, Pete Francis, Robert Madden, Stephen Falsetti

Physical contact, no matter its form, brings about profound changes in our bodies and minds. From a firm hug to a gentle caress to passionate lovemaking, man’s need to touch and be touched is a powerful human instinct. Join us for a journey of discovery – an intimate guide to massage. For men. About men. Our models will demonstrate the ancient dance of touch, using fingers, bodies, and hearts, sharing centuries old massage techniques refined through the ages and only now focused and tailored to today’s man’s need. Join us for the Art of Touch, an intimate guide to male massages.

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