The Wakefield Poole Collection / Jackrabbit Releasing / 1971

Studio: Jackrabbit Releasing
Cast: Casey Donovan, Bill Harrison, Bruce Williams, Cable, Cassandra Hart, Daniel DiCiccicio, Dave Connors, Lydia Black, Michael Green, Pat Allen, Paul Irish, Peter Fisk, Robert Lewis, Rocco Passalini, Roger (III), Tom Bradford, Tommy Moore, Tony Williams, Victor Houston
Director: Wakefield Poole
Genre: Vintage, Detailed Plot, Story or Theme, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1971
Runtime: 73 min
Country: US
Description: For many years we were the exclusive (and very proud) re-sellers of Bijou and the original Boys in the Sand. Now we really have a treat for you. We have acquired both of those films as well as Boys in the Sand II (which has been sold for many years in a truncated form as Men in the Sand II) from the director himself, the illustrious Wakefield Poole.

The impact these pre-condom era films had is undeniable. (All were shown theatrically in the early 70s, and were even reviewed by Variety!) Here we present all three, digitally remastered and with tons of bonus goodies. Director Poole yapping it up with director Jerry Douglas is a hoot (brand new commentary by the way); we have affectionately dubbed the segment “The of Porn Speak.”

In addition, there are hardcore short films, stills of Casey Donovan that have never seen the light of day until now, and tons more – six hours worth! These are in the true sense (the original prints are headed off to museums!); we can’t wait for you to see them.

Yes, the images are a tad dark on Bijou and there are a few emulsion scratches that can be seen throughout which were simply impossible to remove without destroying the prints (we used the best negatives available) and the films have certainly seen the test of time. But being vital parts of gay history we truly feel they have no equal and demand to be seen.

Now fully restored and presented the way they were originally meant to be seen, do yourself a favor and get this set. It’s a must for porn fanatics and serious collectors alike.



File size: 595.2 MB

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