VideoBoys – Ben Rose Fucks His First Boy – Ben Rose & Johan Lapointe

Ben Rose has all the makings of a great gay porn start: dreamy blue eyes, ripped body, boyish good looks and of course the obligatory big fat cock. The only thing he’s missing at this point in his career is experience fucking boys. He had played around with boys before but he’d never fucked one.

Videoboys decided that this lack of fucking experience had to be remedied as soon as possible to launch Ben in his career as a gay porn star. But these first experiences are delicate. The wrong move could make or break a performers future. So we had to make sure to enlist just the right bottom for the job. It would have to be someone who would be prepared to coax Ben out of his virginal shell, someone who would be enthusiastic, understanding and be able to take Ben’s fat cock in his ass.

Many names came up but only one got high marks in all the criterion. Johan Lapointe has been encouraging bisexual boys over to the gay side for years and he’s a master. His particular love for sucking cock endears him to most every straight boy he meets and his enthusiasm for getting fucked any way his partner wants it makes him the perfect bottom for the new top learning the skills.

Just as we anticipated, Ben and Johan took to each other right away and Johan had his hands in Ben’s pants before we even started. The big surprise was how quickly Ben developed an enthusiasm for sucking cock and kissing. But clearly his greatest talent is for hard-pounding fucking. If you aren’t sure if Ben is a great first timer, just watch (and listen) to Johan’s reaction.

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:17:20
Video: 960×540, AVC (H.264), 1475 kbps
Audio: 99 kbps

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