Videoboys – Bobby Long Fucks Luda Wayne

Video language: English

If there were a World Series of Videoboys, this would be it. Luda Wayne and Bobby Long have always been two of the hottest models ever, but the timing was never just right to put them together in a full on sex scene. Mostly because Luda and Bobby have been friends for over a year now and it�s gotten to a point where the idea of having sex together just seemed kinda weird to them. The other reason is that Bobby�s cock is so big Luda was afraid that it would hurt his almost-virgin ass. They�ve discussed it quite a few times but always managed to chicken out at the last minute.
But we think that Bobby has secretly always wanted to fuck his straight friend Luda but never really wanted to admit it. So finally they got together and we have to say, it was an exercise in endurance for Luda. Bobby, as expected was hard as a rock from the minute the clothes were off. Luda, in anticipation of Bobby�s hard 8 inches was tense but determined. A little bit of preparation of Luda�s hole went a long way to easing the entry. Luda tried Bobby�s cock in three different positions and we were impressed by how much of it he could really manage to take. Ultimately Luda was the first to cum and Bobby followed with a blast across Luda�s chest.

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Duration: 15:42
Video: 960×540, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 125kbps

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